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Getting It Together

In a world that is saturated with Web 2.0 applications, it is vital to stay on top what's available, but just as important to maintain focus on developing solid, organized sites.

Recently, I have found myself feeling more and more like a salesman for every Web 2.0 app that I want to share with the world. In an effort to avoid feeling like a carnival barker, I am planning on reserving this blog namely for tech tips and technical experiences.

If you wish to continue reading my reviews of websites and Web 2.0 apps, you can read my reviews at my Viewpoints page or follow the RSS in the sidebar of this blog.

My thoughts on 21st Century Learning can still be found at http://zenodotus.net.

You can keep up with my training for certification in Linux, Cisco and Microsoft at http://certification.zenodotus.net/.