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Myah OS

Today, I am "playing" with a nifty little Linux Distro called Myah OS. For some reason it doesn't seem quite as intimidating as other Linux distributions. It is available as a live CD (you don't have to install it to use it) and the hardware requirements are not insane. Check it out at: myah.org

It seems to be designed for the 21st century user in that it comes packed full of multimedia and internet applications directly out of the box!

Currently, I'm trying to add it to our Novell network. Unfortunately, it isn't always an easy process to get installations to work. That is one of my pet peaves about Linux. 99% of the time (O.K., so maybe it's 98%), it takes some computer background to install programs. Linux is definately not for the technophobe in your life. At least not yet. Wow, got up on my soapbox there. ahem....